Shooting Range Contamination

Lead and other heavy metals are often used as components of projectiles. Shotgun pellets for example generally have around 97% lead, along with minor proportions of arsenic and antimony. Bullets often have other alloying components and "jacketing" such as copper. Copper is highly toxic to aquatic ecology and can be very mobile in the environment. These materials can cause harm to the environment, and can also be harmful to human health. 


In conjunction with our partners, 1000 Yards has developed robust, pragmatic technologies to assess and manage shooting range contamination, including our EcoShield     process we have developed in conjunction with Ground Corp and CRC CARE.  EcoShield    offers a cost effective way to manage human health and environmental risks associated with shooting range contamination. EcoShield    utilises a suite of techniques developed to be implemented across a variety of circumstances including ecologically sensitive areas, and provides outcomes such as substantial reductions in leachability and removal of contamination source materials. In conjunction with Earthling Group we also implement processes to improve soil fertility and reduce erosion.




Before EcoShield     treatment (shotgun fallout zone)


6 months after EcoShield     treatment

  • >90% reduction in lead leachability

  • Vegetation growth and surface water management mitigating contaminated sediment runoff


In conjunction with the Queensland State Government and Ground Corp1000 Yards has developed a shotgun deposition model (PelletPlotter   ) which has been proven at the 2018 Commonwealth Games facility. This model helps with practical management measures, and helps ranges demonstrate how issues relating to pellet distribution on shotgun ranges are managed.

1000 Yards is also the exclusive distributor for ShotNet in Australia. ShotNet is a world leading technology that enables the distribution of contaminants on shotgun ranges to be dramatically decreased. ShotNet incorporates measures to greatly increase the lifespan of the installation by managing the impacts of wind, and also facilitates easy pellet recovery and recycling. ShotNet can also capture shooting from skeet, which is particularly difficult to capture.


Authority considerations

Contamination services provided by 1000 Yards comply with regulatory requirements, and are developed and implemented in consultation with a suitably qualified person in the management of contaminated land


Sites on which practical advice provided by our team has been implemented have been cited as exemplars by the Victorian EPA in it's guidelines for managing shooting range contamination. Our team's advice enabled the Wangaratta Clay Target Club to recommence shooting after being shut down by the Victorian EPA, and our team develops practical management frameworks that satisfy all requirements, such as those of a small club, authority land ownership liability concerns, and facilitation of ownership transfer from the Department of Defence.

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