Remediation & treatment

1000 Yards has developed robust, pragmatic technologies to assess and manage shooting range contamination, including our EcoShield     heavy metals treatment process we have developed in conjunction with CRC CARE.  EcoShield    offers a cost effective way to manage human health and environmental risks associated with shooting range contamination. Our methods include techniques to reduce mobility, bioaccessibility & bioavailability, in addition to metals removal and recycling where feasible.



Reclamation / recycling

Contaminated sites including shooting ranges present opportunities for reclaiming and recycling materials which we incorporate into our approach wherever it is feasible. Often this enables substantial reductions in cost, and at times returns to range operators. With our methods and work procedures that have been developed by occupational hygienists we also offer a safe and cost effective bullet trap maintenance service.

Range build / upgrade

Substantial improvements in range operation, including reduced downtime, improved noise attenuation, reduced maintenance and reduced compliance risk are often facilitated with net cost benefits.


Examples include appropriate bullet traps, practical (and cost effective) controls, cost effective reclamation and treatment. 

Firearm safety

With insight obtained through the design and certification of a significant number of military, government and civilian ranges, we provide efficient and practical firearm safety certification and design advice.


To the extent it is appropriate we incorporate steps such as detailed surveying, probablistic modelling and consideration of relevant international standards.

Lead management

Through our extensive involvement in developing and operating shooting facilities, we have been recognised by clubs and associations for helping facilitate practical compliance.

By targeting realistic human health and environmental risks, we develop and implement practical and achievable approaches. Our techniques are also robust with our ranges being referenced in authority guidelines.

Shotgun deposition modelling

In conjunction with Ground Corp and the Queensland State Government, 1000 Yards has developed a breakthrough shotgun pellet deposition model that has been used for the management of contamination for the 2018 Commonwealth Games

The model provides a realistic assessment of shotgun deposition to enable pragmatic range management options to be assessed, and appropriate controls to be implemented.


Range maintenance requires a number of specialised fields to be appropriately managed. It involves handling and transporting materials containing lead and other hazardous materials, ensuring firearm safety requirements are not compromised, and often consideration of numerous other fields such as geotechnical stability, safe access, bullet trap functionality and noise attenuation. 


1000 Yards and it's suitably experienced and qualified team provide services to assist with range operation and maintenance including training of range personnel and operational procedures..

EHS and quality control

Shooting ranges present unique risks to human health and the environment, and the management of contaminated land and firearm safety requires appropriate consideration of relevant standards, policies and legislative instruments.


1000 Yards implements an EHS and quality control system that has been developed with the benefit of our deep professional insight into the potential human health and environmental risks associated with shooting ranges, contaminated land and firearm safety, and through our team's experience working with Tier 1 corporations and government bodies.

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