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Our founders and team are recognised as leaders and specialists in managing the risks associated with metals and shooting ranges, and in assessing and managing risks associated with firearms safety. We have developed a suite of approaches that our clients utilise to enable them to manage these risks in a pragmatic and cost effective manner, and that satisfy authority requirements.


In conjunction with CRC CARE we have developed EcoShield™ which is a cost effective process we apply to shooting range contamination and heavy metals contamination to facilitate reduction of contaminant mobility, bioavailability and bioaccessibility, to protect human health and the environment. We are cognisant of the role sporting clubs play in our community, and also of some of the constraints that are inherently associated with such organisations. Our technologies have been developed to help enable solutions to be implemented for all budgets.


Our team has extensive experience and insight in range safety design and certification. Substantial experience has been obtained with the Australian Department of Defence and on civilian and government facilities in Australia and internationally, and our construction team has been awarded on multiple occasions by the Australian Institute of Building.

A combination of this knowledge and our experience enables the team at 1000 Yards to tailor a practical solution for each site, and implement proven and robust technologies.

Practical solutions

Shooting ranges present unique environmental circumstances and challenges, which is why we have developed practical, cost effective methods for range design and sustainable long term management regardless of the challenge.

Excellence and Professionalism 

For ranges to be sustainable in the long term a leading approach is required. This is why our methods are founded in state of the art science, and benefit from the experience gained by working with over 1,200 shooting ranges. 

Our services are implemented in accordance with an EHS and quality system that benefits from our team's substantial experience with  Tier 1 corporations and government bodies. 

Tailored approach

We have deep insight into the social, environmental and economic considerations that can arise for clubs, operators and and also for regulators, and we draw on our experience and insight to tailor solutions for each particular circumstance.

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